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Section 1 | About You

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Section 2 | Your Work

How meaningful is your work? *

How challenging is your work? *

How clearly are your responsibilities and goals defined? *

How often do you feel stressed at work in a typical week? *

How able are you to satisfy both your work and family responsibilities? *

How much does your job give you a sense of personal satisfaction? *

Section 3 | Communication & Feedback

How openly is information and knowledge shared within the company? *

How encouraged are you to communicate within the company? *

How much do you feel your opinions matter? *

How often do you receive actionable feedback from your coworkers? *

How fair do you feel employee performance evaluations are? *

Section 4 | Opportunities for Growth

How interested is your manager in your professional development? *

How often do you receive the training you need to do your work well? *

How encouraged are you to learn from your mistakes? *

How many opportunities are you given to be promoted or advance? *

How likely are you to look within the company for your next position? *

How likely are you to be working for the company in two years? *

Section 5 | Mission & Purpose

How well do you understand the mission of the company? *

How familiar are you with the company's strategic, high-level goals? *

How well do you feel your values align with those of the company? *

How regularly do you receive updates on the direction of the company and how it is doing? *

How confident are you that the company is currently heading in the right direction? *

Section 6 | Compensation

How well are you paid for the work you do? *

How competitive is your salary compared to jobs you might find elsewhere? *

How satisfied are you with your salary? *

How well do you understand your benefits package? *

How competitive is your benefits package compared to those offered by other companies? *

How satisfied are you with your benefits package? *

Section 7 | Respect

How much do you feel respected and valued? *

How much do you respect and value your coworkers? *

How much do you respect and admire the senior leaders of the company? *

How much of a priority do you feel employee satisfaction is to the senior leadership team? *

Overall, how satisfied are you with your job? *

Which of the following job satisfaction aspects is the most important to you? *

Finally, do you have any comments or concerns you would like to raise?

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